Facebook Slideshow Ads Are Effective And Economical Alternatives To The Video Ads


Facebook Ads earned some exceptional popularity in 2018. In the US alone, 85% of the marketers emphasized on Video Ads for promoting their brand. The picture is no different in other parts of the world. Video ads offer the right opportunity to narrate exciting stories about their brands and their products and services in the most engaging manner.

However, every marketer may not possess the resource for creating Facebook Video Ads. Understanding It, Facebook has come up with a gallant solution in terms of the Facebook Slideshow Ads. The slideshow maker makes it easier to create the most engaging and compelling marketing videos to promote a brand.

Facebook Slideshow Ads- An Overview

Facebook Slideshow Advertisements involve images and audio, creating ads that closely resemble videos. It is an excellent technique to advertise a brand as well as its products and services. Desktop and Mobile users can enjoy these slideshow ads. Marketers can even utilize their existing videos. However, it comes with all the benefits in Video Ads.

Slideshow Ads are lighter than Videos. It enables Marketers to reap the same advantages as in Videos. However, it involves much lesser cost and effort in creating the videos.

Slideshows play like Video Ads. It implies that marketers can captivate their audience and establish a better engagement with them, even if they don’t need to create a video. Most importantly, it takes the minimum effort and time to create these resources and involve the minimum cost.

Another advantage with the Slideshow ads is that it plays equally well, irrespective of the internet speed. It is a significant edge over video Ads, as these ads inevitably need a faster internet connection. As such, even if a viewer runs on a slower connection, the announcement still plays well and delivers the marketing message in the most impacting manner.

What are the best practices in creating a Slideshow Ad?

Facebook Slideshow Ads are the perfect resources to promote your brand. However, it requires properly doing the right thing. Here is your guide about the best practices:

  1. Using existing Content: Rather than using new photos and images, you should rely more on using your existing content. You can pick resources that you have previously posted on Facebook or the resources from your website. It is an effective way to employ the best content without investing a great deal of time and effort.
  2. Prepare a plan for narrating your stories: As Slideshows closely resemble a video, you must start working on it with a definite plan. Identify the goal to accomplish and pick the necessary images to narrate stories in the manner you want.
  3. Coherent Branding: Utilize the images for branding purposes in a cohesive manner. It is a simple yet effective trick to secure the best engagement with your target audience. Keep in mind; your slideshows must produce the desired outcome. Hence, it would help if you keep monitoring the issue on an ongoing basis. If necessary, replace the under-performing presentations with more impactful resources. Likewise, consider editing the video; if you find a particular portion does not project your story well. The video maker software will streamline your act in this regard.

What businesses utilize Slideshow Ads the most?

Slideshow Ads are perfect for businesses that aspire to highlight an extensive portfolio of products and services to their target customers, working within competitive spending plans. For instance, eCommerce sites and SaaS companies are using slideshow ads for highlighting their products and services. These businesses are using Slideshow Ads to:

  • Highlight the benefits of a product or service offers: Advertisers can utilize these ads to highlight multiple benefits their business offers. Besides, detailed information about the product gets delivered, adding text to the images.
  • Display Multiple Products: eCommerce businesses are successfully using slideshow ads to display multiple products, offering a visual tour to their product portfolio. These presentations get a more engaging look if you add relevant background music to these slides.
  • Demonstrating Shot Video/Demo images: SaaS companies are using these ads for showing demo videos and pictures to display how the products perform.
  • Narrating a story: Businesses can utilize these ads to highlight the USPs in their products and services. It helps the target audience to relate these products and services better.

What resources do you need to create a Slideshow Ad?

Creating a Slideshow Ad is very simple and takes just a few minutes. The process is simple and you can complete the steps from your Android Devices. You need the following resources to create a Slideshow Ad:

  • Still Images: You can add text to your images. You can even decide the placement, add logos, select colors, and font to develop an exceptional visual experience for your target audience. This way, you can make your ads more engaging and compelling.
  • Existing Videos: You can utilize your current videos to create the best slideshow ads for Facebook. It saves time and effort in creating new videos all the time. It is an excellent solution to your needs for instant creation. It enables you to execute your plans without incurring additional costs.
  • Audio: Facebook Slideshow ads get a more appealing and enjoyable flair if you add relevant background music to the images. Facebook offers an extensive collection of music tracks to choose from. It is a simple way to make your ads appealing and engaging for your target audience.

Facebook Slideshow Ads ideal specifications

You can attach between 3 and 10 images to your presentations. Your pictures should feature 1280×170 Pixel Resolution, and the ideal aspect ratio is 9:16. The maximum length allowed is 15 seconds. But, this span is likely to change based on how many images you include in a presentation. For Videos, the maximum length is 15 seconds. It would help if you opted for MP4 and MOV formats.

Facebook Slideshow ads enable you to reap the same benefits as in Video ads, without incurring the high expenses for designing such costly advertisements. Hence, you should make the best out of it. The Video app makes it easier to create the most engaging Slideshow Ads.

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