Dental Implants – What to Do Before Deciding to Go for the Procedure


Tooth decay is one of the most significant oral health problems affecting children and adults alike. While there are many ways to treat the condition, not all of them are permanent solutions to your problem. The only way to have peace of mind is by seeing a dental implant specialist in Sunnyvale, CA to know what options you have. As you plan your visit to Perio & Implant Centers of Monterey Bay- Silicon Valley, here are four factors you need to consider:

1. Information is power

While dental implants are the perfect solution to a missing or decayed tooth, not everyone may qualify for it. Knowing what it involves will save you the trouble of getting turned away. For starters, the procedure involves extracting the damaged teeth. Assuming that your tooth decay has caused serious bone issues, your doctor may decide to perform jawbone grafting. If you want to get more knowledge on the procedure, meet your dentist for a consultation.

2. Ensure your dentist is qualified

Nowadays, it is easy to tell if your dentist qualifies to perform procedures as sensitive as dental implants. A quick search on the internet can reveal a list of dentists and their qualifications. In your search, try to find out their level of training and how many dental implant procedures they have performed in the past few years. It helps to know that the best person for the job is an oral surgeon since they specialize in dental procedures involving surgery.

Knowing if a dentist is eligible to conduct a dental implant procedure can help you determine if you qualify for it. Under normal circumstances, a dentist will book you for a consultation to discuss your medical history and perform examinations for you.

3. Weighing the pros and cons

While professionally performed surgeries hardly create health problems, you can never be sure if you will be safe. Sometimes, things can get out of control. A dentist may fail to follow appropriate cleaning procedures leading to an infection. In other cases, a patient may react to the material used in making the dental implant. In every decision you make, weigh the pros and cons. If your doctor recommends an alternative solution, give it a try.

4. Ditch your bad oral care habits

Any bad thing you expose your body to presents a disastrous effect. Now try to imagine what would happen if you were still smoking ahead of your visit. Even worse, think of what might happen if you did not brush or floss your teeth regularly. If you are considering getting implants, the time to quit unhealthy oral care habits is now. Do it at least three months before your surgery.

A dental surgeon can speed up your recovery process

Dental implants can restore your smile, confidence, and oral health. However, the success of your procedure depends on your ability to play by the rules. Remember, getting dental implants is a lifetime decision. The earlier you plan for it, the better your results will be. To find out if you are the right candidate for dental implants, schedule a consultation with your dentist today.

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