Dakota Rose


Often hailed as the Real Life Barbie, Dakota Rose has been compared to Barbie due to her physical appearances that resemble that of the doll. She is 5’4” tall, slim, blue-eyed with dark blonde hair. She gained massive reception from fans in lots of countries especially in Japan, China, Korea and Vietnam. She often displays her new Barbie appearances on her YouTube account. Dakota Rose is an American with Japanese descent and being an Asian descent has further made her popular in that region. She was born on the 19th of September, 1995 and she is one of the three children of her parents. Find here rest Dakota Rose wiki from height, age to personal details.

Dakota Rose has been reportedly said to be a Christian and she speaks English and Japanese with little understanding of French. Dakota Rose stays in San Francisco, USA. We have no news on the dating history of ‘The Real-life Barbie’ and we cannot really give any meaning information on the love life of this cute young lady.

Facts about Dakota Rose

  • Though she is fondly called Dakota Rose by her many fans, her name is actually Dakota Ostrenga
  • Contrary to popular belief among some people that Dakota Rose has had cosmetic surgery to have her Barbie-like appearance, she has actually never done cosmetic surgery as she was born that way. However, some sources have established that some of her photographs have been heavily photoshopped for her to have the appearance of a Barbie.
  • She is generally known as Kotakoti in Japan, China and other East Asian countries.
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