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The unavoidable reasons to fix a pre wedding photo shoot!

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The big day of the wedding is far enough! But as a precautionary method, you tend to book your venue, caterers, and event photographers months back! Absolutely great step! But as you are nearing the days, you often hear people asking you about your pre-wedding photoshoot. So, when exactly are you planning to do so? No, don’t ignore it assuming it as unnecessary. A pre-wedding photoshoot isn’t just a growing trend recently, but a logical photo session that should be carried out because of its multiple benefits.

Ø Why exactly should you hold a pre-wedding photoshoot?

You obviously have booked the best Oxfordshire wedding photographer – Nigel Chapman Photography for your wedding reception and ceremony photos. But it’s time you called them for your pre-wedding photoshoot as well! The very fact that they are known for their unmatched skills stays the prominent reason to hire them for both the wedding and reception photography. But there are some special reasons to call them before the big day too! You can decide an enchanting location for this session, get dressed up the best (try color coordinating) and then call them upon to click some stunning pictures of you love birds!

o You shed the second thoughts about the photographer— Even after picking and booking the best wedding photographer, second thoughts are sure to torture you! You both have those doubts in your heart that won’t reduce until you call the photographer some months prior to the wedding date and click some pre-wedding photos. This also establishes a camaraderie with the photographer, which later helps you a lot to relax during your wedding day photoshoot.

o The benefits on the photographer’s side — Even a photographer has to decide upon some good poses and positions for great pictures. When they accompany you for the pre-wedding photo shoot, they understand your body language and which positions bring out your best photo feature, etc. They’ll also know what makes you more relaxed in front of the camera and this improves their photography strategies on your wedding day.

o You will get fabulous couple pictures to save — With a pre-wedding photoshoot, you get some amazingly staged courtship or post engagement pictures to remember your love-story better. (Tip – change multiple dresses and dry different hairdos and keep changing the location to make it look more natural and glamorous – like the movies.)

o Utilize these pictures in a customised way — If you really get some out of the world pre-wedding pictures (which you, of course, will get!), have them printed on your wedding invitation cards! You may also use them to create personalized party favors for your guests.

A pre-wedding photoshoot also lets you take a trial of the makeup that will get your pictures better and the hairstyle that will suit you the most. All these factors ultimately will benefit your wedding day photography. That is why never give a pre-wedding photoshoot a miss!


How to Choose the Right Photographer For You

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Photography involves a ton of nuances. Be it taking snaps for commercial purposes involving advertising, merchandising, and others or wedding photography or portraiture, all types of photography require some level of understanding and expertise to capture the best of moments. While choosing a photographer for any such project, you might want to look into certain aspects. Concisely, there is a lot of demand because of the market’s size and making the right choice might not always be easy. Here is a checklist of factors to be looked into while hiring a photographer.


Going through the portfolio might be your best bet in understanding any photographer’s style and expertise. This can be a cliché statement, but looking into the portfolio is more than essential. The personal style of any artist can be easily derived from his part work. It is necessary for professional photographers to keep a good collection of all their best pieces of work put together. Both physical portfolios and online ones will work correctly. Social media accounts help in finding out about their photography styles and aesthetics too.


Expertise is a too prominent factor considering any skill. It is best for any artist to keep more tools in his arsenal. Most people tend to confuse the two elements, namely, expertise and experience. Sometimes, new artists might have more expertise in the skill than experienced ones. Always keep these two factors separated to see the right potential. It is vital for any artist to sharpen his skill-set. Thus, you will see that people with a real passion for the craft will keep learning new things and will always tend to pick up new ventures. You can find numerous expert Birmingham photographers who will align with all your requirements


While hiring someone for any business, you need to ask the right sort of questions to understand what is on the table. Pay proper attention to the person’s answers on the other end and derive the correct conclusions. In case you are unsure of anything, you can always clarify than merely assuming. You must also provide the window for them to ask questions to get a better mutual understanding. Always ensure that the photographer is fully aware of the requirements and is prepped to work mutually with you.


Practically speaking, it is always best for you to consider more options before settling for one. Compare the portfolios, expertise, flexibility, and the prices concerning all the photographers you have considered. Before you choose one of the options, you need to compare and analyze all the above factors and make sure that you are going for the best.

Celebrity Wedding Planners

5 Marriage Proposal Ideas From Celebrity Wedding Planners

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Celebrities are known for their grandiose and romantic proposals that make their partner feel publicly adored. So, how do you make your lady feel as special as your favorite movie star or pop singer? The key to achieving a successful celebrity-like proposal is making sure the tall of the right elements are in place. By having a plan, you can make sure that your proposal will be as memorable and magnificent as something you’d see in Hollywood.Here are some of the best tips for planning your proposal from some of the best experts out there.

Take It To The Beach

Your soon to be bride is going to want to have photos of the moment that you ask for her hand in marriage. When choosing the destination, think about where would make a great photo opportunity.The beach should come to mind immediately. Even though it may be cliche, the beach is a fantastic location to set up a romantic occasion.Consider taking her for a walk along the shore and getting on one knee alongside the waves. Asking her to be with you forever on a gorgeous beach can never wrong!

Pop The Question Ina Public Location

There’s something about proposing in the middle of a crowd that says, “I love you” like nothing else. IF you want to make her feel like you are the proudest man in the world that she is yours, then a public location is just the right choice.Most women love a public declaration of love. It proves to the world that you are claiming her in front of everyone and aren’t afraid to make her feel special.For extra flair, you can even hire a flash mob or live musicians. If you’re trying to go out like a celebrity, think big.

Plan a Trip

A destination proposal isn’t just romantic; it’s also surprising! Your partner will probably be so focused on the trip that she won’t likely suspect that you’ve got something up your sleeve. What are you waiting for? Book tickets to a romantic location and pop the question in a beautiful place when she least expects it!

Put It In Her Meal

You’ve probably seen plenty of romantic proposals in films or television shows. One of the most famous is a man puts a ring into the lady’s drink or on her plate in a restaurant. Why not do this in real life?It’s a fun gesture that will instantly transform your proposal into a cinematic setting. She’ll burst into tears and shout, “yes!” Without a doubt.

Make Her Search For It

Some celebrities have set up a full-fledged treasure hunt for their loved one to find their ring. Consider setting up a treasure map that she has to follow by finding clues. She’ll never forget it!