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Looking Stylish at a University

7 Tips for Looking Stylish at a University for Less

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One of the biggest dilemmas most university students face is what to wear. Looking chic can be very expensive; fortunately, there are ways you can dress stylishly but affordably in school. Money allocation, for most university/college students, is a major concern. No student wants to tell his/her parents that he/she does not know where all the pocket money went. If you are longing to look fashionable on a student budget, this article will give you tips for looking stylish at a university for less.

Students with a good sense of fashion often find it easier to flow with the latest fashion trend. Most university students, however, tend to fall behind when it comes to looking stylish. Many university students believe that they need to look stylish, in addition to excelling academically. If this is what you believe, this discussion will sort you out. You will also find helpful articles on this topic on freelance writing jobs and various fashion websites.

Some of the tips for looking stylish at a university for less include:

  1. Staying Informed

You need to stay informed about the latest style and color trends in order to find ways of looking stylish on a student budget. According to the basic rule of thumb, you need to know and wear the trendiest and latest colors in style. To find this information, simply follow a few prominent fashion influencers and bloggers on social media and Instagram and find affordable clothing based on their recommendations.

  1. Go Through Online Shopping Ideas

The online shopping world can be a goldmine for those who know where to dig for the best deals, season sales, offers, and coupons. For example, you can purchase items of clothing you were previously unable to purchase due to a lack of money at a great price if there is a discount sale happening.

  1. Go the Simple but Trendy Route

Sometimes, dressing simple can be the easiest way to look trendy, as long as you are able to pull it off well. You do not need to work so hard to come up with a different look; instead, do the simple look using the latest trends. Since you have to spend most of your time in class or in the library, ensure that whatever you choose to wear is comfortable as well as being simple and stylish.

Ankle jeans and a basic tee, for example, can give you an effortless but cool look. Forget about garnishing your look with accessories. Sometimes, simplicity looks much cooler, especially in settings such as a university or college.

  1. Self-Care

Sometimes, giving yourself some TLC can benefit you greatly when it comes to looking good and stylish. This is where inner beauty begins to make sense. Well-nourished hair and glowing skin can make you look fresh and in vogue in any attire. Looking good, therefore, begins will with taking proper care of yourself and your body.

University life tends to be hectic, which might make it difficult to find the time and energy to look after yourself. However, as challenging as it might be, you need to find the time to prioritize your physical needs. By having a good understanding of your body, you will find ways to pamper and take care of it.

  1. Learn how to use Accessories

The right accessories will transform drab to chic. Therefore, consider boosting your look by using the right accessories. To maintain your simple but stylish look, however, you need to use the least amount of accessories.

  1. Choose the Right Footwear

As a university student spending most of your time in class, you do not need to sacrifice your comfort in favor of looking trendy. You might end up regretting buying those expensive and uncomfortable shoes that give you blisters. Simply go online and find stylish and comfortable shoes to wear at school and save your expensive shoes for special occasions.

  1. Beat the Memory Lane

It is difficult for most people to tell whether the shirt or blouse you are wearing is familiar if you wear a t-shirt inside and rock the shirt/blouse unbuttoned. Layering is a great and simple way to avoid repetition. All you need to do is pair or mix and match your favorite pieces of clothing with something different each time to fashion a new ensemble.

Thanks to your light wallet, you probably know the pain of seeing a fashionable piece of clothing that you cannot afford. Instead of dwelling on your disappointment, try to focus on things that really matter instead. Attending a university should be one of the most exciting periods of your life. Therefore, you should not let fashion steal those amazing university/college experiences from you.


Best Women Built LifeStyle Businesses: How to Start One

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One of the most challenging parts of starting a new business is deciding or choosing what kind of business to start. You know you want to start a new business and be successful. You know you want to earn a stable income and get richer after a couple of years of operating your business.

But when you think of the kind of commerce to start, there is a big chance that you will pause for a minute and think deep. You are lucky if you already have an idea from the get-go, on what kind of startup you want to set up, but if you are still undecided, that is a different story.

For starters, it’s not that simple like you get it right the first time the idea comes into your mind. There are a lot of things you need to consider here and you need to evaluate yourself – the amount of money you are willing to spend, your capabilities in handling the business, as well as your interest (whether you are up for the job or not).

The good news is, new entrepreneurs and owners have a lot of choices when it comes to trade and commerce. They can enter the retail industry or enter the food or restaurant industry. If they have the right mindset and resources, they can even start venturing in the Information Technology trade or try their luck with the manufacturing world. But there’s another industry that’s starting to get famous: the lifestyle industry.

To find out more about Lifestyle business, you can visit websites of companies like The Melior Buzz for more information.

What exactly is this new industry?

Trade and commerce, as we all know, are designed to maximize the earnings and revenue of the person doing it as much as possible. The definition doesn’t strictly apply to lifestyle commerce only. This trade is considered as one that is designed for the sole purpose of supporting or sustaining the income, as well as the personal requirements of its owner.

To some extent, it is still profit-oriented, but maximizing the revenue is not on the top priority. Instead, the primary goal of this industry is the sustenance and the creation of a harmonious and pleasant balance of work and personal life of the owner. It generates enough revenue and income to let them enjoy their current lifestyle without affecting their own life. Enjoying what you are doing is a crucial point in this industry.

The owners set up their trade and commerce based on their passion and interest. It can be something that interests or entertain them or a hobby that they like to do during their free time. It makes sure that the owners actually enjoy and love the work they are doing on their trade. It will redefine the old philosophy of many straitlaced owners about not mixing pleasure with business. In this industry, owners can earn income from something they are happy doing.

To know more about this topic, check out

We can analyze the features of every lifestyle business into different aspects:

The owner is the only employee, or if he is not the sole owner, the owners or founders are the employees.

The entrepreneurs make a reasonable living, earning a decent income.

They have the freedom to do what they want with their resources and time, so they can decide how much money and time they need to spend and devote using their work and personal time. They are allowed to pursue their interests and satisfy their passion while running their business.

There is no other intention to exit their business and sell it off. That is why it is designed with a plan to operate it for years to come. Anyone can have the option to start lifestyle trade and make it successful. Most people are under the impression that when they begin a trade and commerce in this industry, it will be with a full-time nature.

You can start it on the sires, while you are still working at your regular job. Some successful lifestyle entrepreneurs start their career that way – they have regular jobs and are already earning a stable income, but they set up their trade on the sides. If they are starting to get the hang of it and started to get a stable income from their trade, they can now do it full-time without sacrificing their lifestyle even if they quit their current jobs.

The bottom line here is, this industry is considered as a place where owners can run their organization without sacrificing their personal life, like they can live the life that they want, not for financial gains but the reasons set up for lifestyle and personality.

Self-employed versus lifestyle business

Other people argue that there’s not much difference between being self-employed and running a lifestyle trade. After all, a lot of lifestyle businesses will involve working at the comfort of your home, with no other employees other than yourself. You will have full control of the time you want to allocate to the task at hand.

They are similar in some aspects, but being self-employed is still considered as having a jib since you still have certain hours to complete. For example, you have a business that you need to open every day, first thing in the morning, and close at a specific hour every night. This trade do not have these kinds of designated hours that closed you in. You can operate your trade at any time since it will not hinder on how you run your life.

Visit this site to find out what means to be self-employed in this time and age.

Startup versus Lifestyle trade

Startups are trendy in today’s day and age. You usually hear tips from a lot of people saying that, if you want to succeed in this line of work, you need to set up startups instead. Compared to its closest rival, startups are the complete opposite. It is established with the intent of making it expand and improve at a rapid pace and earn more profit in the shortest possible time.

Revenue and growth generation is its primary objective. That is why the owners will seek more funds continuously to fund its expansion and growth activities. On the other hand, lifestyle trades do not go out looking to attract more funds or venture backing. The founders or the sole proprietor provides all the funds.



Make Personalized Lanyards and Build a Brand That You Deserve

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Everyone will tell you that building a brand is a highly important marketing strategy for every business. There are lots of ways of doing it. One of them is creating merchandise and representative material with the logo of the brand.

To do this, you need to take standard empty lanyards and take them to a customizing workshop where they’ll place your logo. Think places like You can order anything you want there and get it done in no time.

Of course, lanyards can only take so much on them. You need to plan how to do this perfectly. Hiring some designers and professionals in the field can be of huge help for this situation. They will make a plan and order it from the printing shop. Always take their advice because they are skilled in issues like these.

Why is this important?

Building a brand is hard and long work. You need to do a lot of action and hire a team of different people who will do all sorts of jobs. From designing, to social media, and spreading the representative material around the city.

When it comes to the lanyards, it’s best to use them on events where presentations, lectures, or something similar will be happening. Having them with your logo will mean people taking pictures with it, go home with them and show them to a lot more people afterward.

Raising the awareness and making an image of presence for the actual product will create an understanding of having something valuable and important. People’s minds work in a very understandable way, at least for psychologists. They claim that the human brain can be trained to think in a direction we want it to go.

When you launch an aggressive marketing campaign where the product will be present on the social networks, on the television, and in the streets, people will have a feeling that it is everywhere around them and will feel like it has always been a part of their lives. Learn more about the effects the high presence of one brand have on this link.

How to pick the best lanyard for you?

Depending on how big your logo is and what you plan to put on the lace, you should choose a thicker or bigger one. The color is also important. Always choose something that will remind the clients of the product or the brand you’re selling.

For example, if the product is Coca Cola, there’s no logic in making them yellow, right? Everyone knows that this product’s color is red so the designers must do something that will remind people of Coca Cola. If they put the logo on a yellow background, a lot of them will think it’s a joke or a fake.

The material is also important

If you’re doing a one-time thing, like a promotion that will last only that night, you can order something more affordable. If you’re about to keep selling your products long after the promotion, choose something that will be more durable and people will use it in different situations, too.

You should know that giving away stronger and more durable lanyards will make people think that you’ve put a strong effort and made a great job. It’s quite a difference taking a picture and posting it online with something that looks amazing and something that gives away a feeling of cheap.


With everything written above, it is clear why you mustn’t forget creating a customized lanyard for the presentation you’re about to make. Even if there’s no event, you can just give these things as gifts to people coming over your offices. It’s important to spread awareness about the new product that’s hitting the market.

Aside from this, of course, you need to make a lot of other activities too. They are as important as everything else. All of them put together will make your company visible for the people interested in what you sell.

Choosing a good printing is also important. Getting a good service must be done in the best way possible. You can’t afford to have those letters fall off in the middle of the event.



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When you want to sleep, you want to be relaxed, free of every mess, and want to feel as light as feather. The majority of the world’s population has special night-suits, also known as, nighties that are light and comfortable so they can have a sound nap. So, yes, in a nutshell, comfortable clothing is important for a night of healthy sleep. And Malaysia lingerie online keeps this specification in mind as Vivian tops the charts with exclusive and impeccable nightwear lingerie Malaysia.

Lingerie Malaysia is unique and differs from any other in competition in their diversity and choice of fabric. Many types of nightwear lingerie are available at Vivian Lingerie such as:


It is underwear that has a small strip of fabric to cover enough part of your back. They are so comfortable that you don’t even sometimes feel them. They are an ideal choice to put on while sleeping. They can be paired with anything, a formal top, a bra, bralette, cami, or any other sort of Malaysia lingerie.


They are airy, smooth, and cute subsets of lingerie. It is a one-piece unit and combines the class of a cami and tap short. So, you can have the fun of both in one. The fabric used in their manufacturing is cotton which makes them all the more comfortable and playful. They cover your body like any other casual top keeping the sexual appeal intact.


Want to feel luxurious? Nothing is better than a robe. The height of the robe varies largely. At Malaysia lingerie online, you can get robes which are just above the knees, or which extend to the ankles. They are available at Vivian in almost every fabric – casual to luxurious and add to your visual appeal like nothing else. They are easy to carry and make you feel free and lively.


Like many types of bras, the underwear also comes in huge varieties, hipster being one of them. They cover extra length at hips and are made of high-quality fabric to make it health-friendly and comfy.

Garter belt

They are more common as suspender belts and have clips that help you to fit in. The clips reach a bit higher than the thigh, giving a blunt and rough touch to the overall appeal. They make you look tougher and sassier and can go with any top of your style. A perfect choice when talking about nightwear lingerie Malaysia.


These are the types of lingerie Malaysia that provide a slimmer, flatter look to the person, they are like the bodysuit but much complex. Their designs often include a belt and grommets to squeeze right in the mid-section of the garment. Attached garters are what makes them an ideal choice.


Laced with spaghetti straps, these are the most iconic of the Malaysia lingerie available at Vivian lingerie. When bought in a silky fabric, they provide the comfort of another level and you can feel the class of the fabric after putting it on. It focuses on your solace more than the sexy appeal.

Plastic Surgeries

Most Common Plastic Surgeries Among The Stars

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Celebrities are known for their physical aesthetic, and they typically spare no expense to retain their youthful glow.  The ongoing drive of the regular person to reach the visual aesthetic of the “stars” is unrelenting for some.

If you’re looking to be the next Marilyn Monroe impersonator, you’ll have a few specific surgeries ahead of you.  Take a read through some of the most common plastic surgery choices made among the most popular ring of celebrities.

Breast augmentation takes the cake

Breast enhancement has been at the top of the list for popular plastic surgeries among laymen and celebs alike.  Women love having nice breasts, and money can definitely buy a perfect set.

Over the past few years, medical technology has shifted the ways in which surgeons perform breast augmentation surgery.  Clients have a choice of four different augmentation methods (transaxillary, inframammary fold, peri ariolor, and trans-umbilical breast augmentation), each having their own perks and downfalls.

There’s a long, long list of celebs who have undergone breast augmentation surgery, and you can probably pick out a few on your own.

Botox injections and fillers

Though Botox injections and other fillers don’t require a scalpel, you’re still opting for a plastic surgery procedure. Botox winnipeg is such a popular procedure for Hollywood stars, that they have no qualms admitting it.

Injections help combat the signs of aging and smooth out unsightly wrinkles in the face.  Instead of undergoing the pain and recovery of a full facelift, many people choose Botox injections first.

Liposuction is less invasive now

Liposuction has been popular for quite some time among celebs and layman.  Everyone wants to get rid of those extra love handles, and they seem to not mind the pain they have to go through to achieve their goal.

Though liposuction has been infamously dangerous and invasive in the past, technology has reshaped the expectations of patients.  SmartLipo gives surgeons the ability to use a laser to melt the fat into a liquid, making it much easier (and less invasive) to remove.

Celebs love their nose jobs

Celebrities get nose jobs like they change their clothes.  One speculatory reason for the popularity of the procedure is that the nose isn’t something you can change with diet and exercise.

You can’t go get a deep massage to work out an unsightly lump on your nose, and you can’t really hide this particular aspect of your face.  The relevancy of the nose is likely the driving force behind the popularity of rhinoplasty surgery in the United States.

Facelifts are a popular choice

It shouldn’t surprise you to see the facelift on the list of popular Hollywood procedures.  Sagging skin, flattened folds, and droopy eyebrows are a driving factor behind the popularity of this particular procedure.


Miten valmistauta vanhojen tansseihin kuukautta ennen?

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Vanhojen tansseihin valmistautuminen on pitkä ja aikaa vievä prosessi. Moni nuori kuitenkin pitää vanhojen tansseihin valmistautumista hauskana tapahtumana, josta pääsee nauttimaan vain kerran elämässään, joten moni ottaakin valmistautumisprosessista kaiken irti. Mitä lähemmäs itse h-hetkeä päästään, sitä enemmän valmistautumisesta tulee stressaavaa. Haluammekin jakaa viisi vinkkiä siihen, miten vanhojen tansseihin kannattaa valmistautua kuukautta ennen ja mitkä asiat pitäisivät siihen mennessä olla valmiina, jotta viime hetken kiirettä ei pääse syntymään ja kaikki pysyy kontrollissa ilman ikäviä yllätyksiä.

  1. Vie vanhojentanssimekko ompelijalle viimeisiä muutoksia varten. Vanhojentanssimekko ei kaupasta ostettuna suoraan istu päälle lähes missään tapauksessa, joten mekkoa on pakko käydä muokkaamassa ompelijalla. Viimeistään kuukautta ennen vanhojen tansseja mekko kannattaa viedä ompelijalle, jotta siihen pääsee tekemään lopulliset muutokset istuvuuden lisäämiseksi. Jos mekkoon tarvitsee tehdä suuria muutoksia, kannattaa ompelimossa piipahtaa hyvissä ajoin ennen h-hetkeä, sillä suurten muutoksien tekeminen kestää usein kauemmin.
  2. Kokeile meikkiä ja kampausta. Jos teet meikin ja kampauksen vanhojen päivää varten itse, kannattaa kumpaakin harjoitella kotioloissa useampaan kertaan ennen tansseja. Kokeilumeikki kannattaa tehdä samoilla tuotteilla, joilla meikin tekee tanssipäivän aamuna ja eri kampauksia kannattaa kokeilla rohkeasti itselle parhaiten sopivan kampauksen löytämiseksi. Meikissä kannattaa olla tarkkana etenkin sen kanssa, että meikkivoide on oikean sävyinen ja että eri meikkituotteet osaa häivyttää luonnollisen lopputuloksen aikaansaamiseksi. Voimakkaat rajat eivät kaunista ketään, mutta niistä pääsee eroon häivyttämisen harjoittelulla.
  3. Osta loput asusteet. Vanhojen päivän tyylin viimeistelevät upeat asusteet. Jos mekkoon sopivia asusteita ei löydy omasta vaatekaapista, kannattaa viimeistään viimeisen kuukauden aikana etsiä asusteet. Useimmat nuoret asustavat vanhojentanssimekon pienellä juhlavalla laukulla, kevyellä shaalilla, hiuskoristeilla ja koruilla. Verkkokaupoista, kuten JJ’s House löytyy paljon vanhojen tansseihin sopivia asusteita, joita ei ole hinnalla pilattu.
  4. Aja kengät sisään, jotta vältyt hankaukselta. Mikään ei ole vanhojentanssipäivänä ikävämpää kuin jalkoja hankaavat uudet kengät. Siksi uudet kengät kannattaa etukäteen aina ajaa sisään, jotta ne mukautuvat oman jalan muotoon, eivät kiristä tai pingota ja hankaa. Uusissa kengissä kannattaa ensin olla kotona ja lopulta kengät kannattaa myös viedä tanssiharjoituksiin, jotta tanssimiseen tottuu myös korkeammat kengät jalassa. Vaikka käyttäisitkin vanhojen tansseissa vanhoja kenkiä, kannattaa ne jalassa tanssimista kuitenkin harjoitella hyvissä ajoin. Vanha kenkä ei välttämättä ole sen parempi vaihtoehto tanssimista varten kuin uusikaan kenkä. Tärkeintä sen sijaan on, että kengät pysyvät hyvin jalassa eivätkä häiritse missään vaiheessa tanssimisesta nauttimista.
  5. Pidä huolta terveellisistä elämäntavoista. Kuukausi ennen vanhojen tansseja kannattaa kiinnittää erityistä huomiota omiin elämäntapoihin, sillä huonosti nukutut yöunet, epäterveellisen ruoan syöminen ja huono ihonhoito näkyvät kasvoilla. Muista siis, että kauniin ja raikkaan lookin saa nukkumalla kahdeksan tuntia yössä, syömällä paljon kasviksia ja vähentämällä sokerin ja rasvaisen ruoan syömistä sekä hoitamalla ihoa oikeilla tuotteilla päivittäin. Vettä kannattaa juoda mahdollisimman paljon etukäteen, sillä se tekee ihosta kuulaamman, poistaa kuona-aineita kropasta ja auttaa vähentämään turvotusta. Meikillä saa paljon aikaan, mutta nuupahtanutta olemusta ei suurinkaan pakkelikerros korjaa.

Toivomme, että vinkkiemme avulla jokainen nuori pääse nauttimaan viimeisestä kuukaudesta juhlia valmistellen ilman stressiä ja panikointia. Kun kaikki on hallinnassa, ei ikäviä yllätyksiä pitäisi syntyä. Ikäville yllätyksille kannattaa valmistaa kuitenkin varasuunnitelma, jotta tärkeä päivä ei mene pilalle jos jotain meneekin pieleen. Mitä valmistuneempi on, sitä paremmin vanhojen päivä sujuu.

Little Black Dress

From the Little Black Dress to the Red Lipstick: What You Need to Know About Fashion

Fashion is one of the things people care about because it makes us look good and feel good. Although clothes shouldn’t have an effect on our mental health, they affect the way we perceive ourselves and our confidence.

It’s true that not everyone can afford to buy the newest clothes we see on the professional dress forms in the boutiques. But, they don’t have to, because there are some trends that never go out of style. Even if you aren’t that much into fashion, there are some basic fashion style rules everyone can follow.

Dress According To Your Body Type

It’s a fact that not all clothes look good on us. It’s because of our body type, i.e. are you tall, short, slim, curvy, etc. Therefore, before you decide upon what to buy or wear, you need to know what looks good on you.

In order to do that, you can try different outfits, shirts with/without sleeves with V-line or U-line, halterneck or A-line dresses, high or low-waist jeans, and so on. For example, large bosomed women should avoid boatnecks and crew necks. Instead, they should go for a V-neck to give them a better body line. Once you find which neckline or style of T-shirts, skirts, jeans, and dresses suit you, you can plan what to buy and come up with your own style.

Develop Your Own Style

Having a personal style is more important than trends. It’s because, as Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” That’s why you should develop a style you will follow regardless of the current trends; a style that comprises the types of clothes that make you look and feel your best. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t adapt it according to the trends.

Dress According To The Occasion

You can’t wear a T-shirt with jeans and sneakers at the opera house, can you? It’s because the occasion dictates the style. Although you have a personal style, you should always dress accordingly the event you attend. For example, if you prefer a casual style, you can combine your black jeans with a dressy shirt and heels when on a more formal event. If you are not sure what to wear or don’t have what you need, you can ask a stylish friend or go to a store that sells clothes for that occasion.

Dress According To Your Age

Although nowadays we can see teenage girls and 40-something women looking same, not every piece of clothing, every hairstyle or even makeup style is appropriate for all ages. Namely, 40-year-old women can’t wear overalls or pigtails. It not only doesn’t suit them, but they also look funny. Whereas young girls need not to overdo the makeup rather they should use teen makeup which is the safest for their skin.

Follow Evergreen Trends

Although fashion trends constantly change, there are some trends that are timeless. So, if you aren’t a trendsetter, you can always go for the timeless look. For example, you can wear clothes with simple elegant lines and perfect necklines, such as empire waist dresses, A-line dresses, and jeans. They might not be the latest trend, but they always look good on some body types.

There are plenty of combinations you can make according to the occasion. If, for example, you are going out or taking your kids to a sports event, you can combine jeans with a simple T-shirt or a tall tee, and sports sneakers. If you are going to work, you can wear a one-colour T-shirt with a knee-length skirt and flats, and a necklace.

Trust The Little Black Dress

You can never go wrong with a little black dress. Regardless of the occasion, your age or style, you can always choose this piece without worrying whether it’s appropriate. Plus, you can make countless combinations with shoes, jackets, bags, and jewellery.

Namely, this dress allows you to wear it with elegant black shoes and silver jewellery. You can also wear it with beige shoes, leather jacket, and an everyday colourful necklace. It’s the thing you can wear for everything, just by adjusting the accessories.

It’s All In The Details

No matter where you are going, you should always pay attention to your accessories. Therefore, you should choose wisely what kind of handbag, jewellery, or hairstyle you will have and make sure they match your outfit. For example, scarves and purses are a great choice for a plain outfit, while belts are a great addition to plain dresses. So, spend a few minutes to think about which accessories go with your outfit before leaving your home.

Trends change, but little black dresses, red lipsticks and jeans that flatter your figure never go out of style. Hence, to be stylish doesn’t mean you have to follow the latest trends. All you need is a great combination of clothes and accessories.


Title- 7 Most Expensive Handbags In The World!

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Living a luxurious lifestyle is what we all dream of, but even when someone has a lot of money, and doesn’t know where to invest it to look luxurious, then it is a total waste. Well, surely comes from inside, but it is also an experience that you should follow. Now as expensive handbags are a total rage these days, so here we will give you a brief about it.

Read more at Rapper Fabolous Net Worth

Most Expensive Handbags

In this article, we will be giving you a list of the 7 most expensive handbags in the world. Here have a look at the article to know the details!


Chanel is a name that speaks luxury. One cannot miss on this Coco Chanel designer handbag that has accompanied numerous celebs to the Oscars. Celebrities like Rita Ora, Alexa Chung, Kareena Kapoor, and Alia Bhatt has aced their game of style and luxury at various events. Coco Chanel, the brand was launched in 1909 and since then it is considered as one of the top 10 brands to serve us with luxury handbags. This handbag will surely never get out of fashion is a total piece of art to invest in.


Price: $2,60,000


The Italian luxury fashion brand named Fendi that was established in the year 1925 is specifically known for its “baguette” or B handbags. The baguette is available in white lambskin, black crocodile and many other designs. Fendi bags are elegant, stylish and look luxurious at every event. If you have money, then investing in one Fendi bag will be worth it.


Price: $28,000


The ‘Matte Crocodile Biking Bag’ is one of the most expensive handbags from the brand ‘Hermes’. This handbag was named after the celeb Jane Birkin who is a singer and an actor too. It is an iconic bag that represents status and wealth. It is crafted from crocodile leather and is accentuated with a diamond (10 carats of diamonds) stud. There are like a numerous number of fake Hermes handbags available in the market, so make sure to purchase it from the brand only, if you want the original product.


Price: $120,000

4.Lana Marks

Lana. J Markes, the CEO of Lana Marks brand, designs her handbags with Ostrich, Crocodile, Lizard and Alligator skin. The handbags from this brand come in different styles, colours and are donned by numerous big celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Anniston, Paris Hilton, Drew Barrymore, Kate Winslet, Charlize Theron, Helen Miren, and Elizabeth Taylor. And all these celebs have been the most loyal customers of Lana Marks because of the best of quality they get from the brand.

Lana Marks

Price: $250,000

5.Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton aka LV has become one of the top luxury brands to be popular amongst youngsters lately. This brand has been the symbol of success, status and wealth and is known to be purchased by only A-listers. This high-end brand satisfies everyone’s taste as it has backpacks, sling bags, shoulder bags, and every variety of bag that you might be looking for. The backpacks from this brand are the perfect pick for all those new age travellers to make the style statement.

Louis Vuitton


Price: $42,000

6.Marc Jacobs

The exclusive creators of handbags, Marc Jacobs present a variety of handbags that looks oh-so-luxurious. Holding one such Marc Jacobs bag in the hand adds that luxury touch to your overall look. One of the most exclusive creations of Marc Jacobs is the ‘Carolyn Crocodile handbag’ that was made with purple crocodile skin and is known to be a quilted Carolyn bag.

Marc Jacobs

Price: $38,000

7.Judith Leiber

Precious Rose bag, a very unique stylish and perfect pick to make the fashion statement bag by Judith Leiber has taken our heart with its unique design. This handbag is the luxury creation by the brand, which is made with 42 carats of a combination of jewels including diamonds, and sapphires. The elite clients of this brand are generally the first ladies of different countries that makes the name of this brand rank even on top.

Judith Leiber

Price: $92,000

So, these were the 7 most expensive handbags in the world that you can invest in to stylish. Hope you liked this article and found it informative.

Why Joggers Are Great For The Gym

Why Joggers Are Great For The Gym

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Jogging pants have the purpose the wear while jogging, but jogging goes beyond exercise.While it is a comfy wear at the gym to sweat some thighs off, different sweats have become a fashion trend where they are just worn at home, walked around in casual, or even at work. But, some people prefer workout shorts with liner and athletic leggings to run with because it’s breathable and others think joggers are just ugly looking and outdated. But joggers are not outdated and they are very formidable for its initial use.

The athletic leisure style is still cool and fashionable to wear workout wear outside the gym, but it remains an in-gym type of attire. After sometime, the whole idea of wearing sweats to wonder an attire day in is tacky, just like how wearing a sweatsuit for the entire day is tacky. Joggers are now fashionable in the gym and not just plain. New joggers are waterproof, win-resistant, and made with breathable fabric that is light when running. They are made to be cozy with a relaxed fit, stretchy, and keeps the entire leg dry during long runs.

Joggers also now provide a more serious professional look. Get vintage-style joggers with tearaway pants (like the basketball players do to immediately play in their shorts) to go retro look in a modern way with the tapered leg, Also, it covers up those not-so-pretty legs and thighs, providing space for the thighs so they don’t touch. Joggers, with the right size, won’t sag or fall off, which is a concern for some. They stretch comfortably the waist so their never tight while gripping your waist. And, for those who have doubts regarding how the pants handles the groin area, the joggers are not made to be baggy, so don’t worry about adjusting yourself every few minutes.

One last reason whymen’s joggers at the gym are good? Women think it is sexy. Yes, single men, the joggers are a way to a woman in the gym if you both like to exercise. Those who lounge around with joggers are likely to stain them from what they eat. Those who exercise in them are going to keep it clean always. With shorts and the groin area, men are inadvertently exposing themselves, and that’s not attractive. A pair of tapered sweat keeps the attention far away from there.

Joggers are a two-way wear for casual wear and exercise, helping out on the treadmill, weight room, or just running laps. With many versions and designs being made, people can now decide which one feels right them based on fabric, color, and style. It is all about comfort with them and people are starting to revisit the joggers for a run, especially at night. So, the next time a pair of jogging pants is getting purchased, it will be much easier to choose a very comfortable set for any purpose, especially for exercise.

Best Hair Salons

Getting to Know Perth’s Best Hair Salons

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The wonderful city of Perth, Western Australia, has been a busy place for a long old time and has many trendy, brand name stores, which provide its inhabitants with the latest in styles and designs.

  • It also has a fabulous selection of top hair salons and body therapy centres from which people can choose from, as is expected in such a wonderful city.

Perth’s salons are not only many, they are creatively decorated with relaxing waiting areas and a number of creature comforts. All of them have their own individual feel to it and you can walk into what seems like another world, in one of these amazing salons.

Range of HairStyles

In this fashionable metropolis, trend scan often change overnight and the hip style that was in this week will often disappear the next.

  • For instance, short bob styles may look chic, along with the sleek, straight look for long hair, but for how long?

Another trendy choice for longer hair types are that of plaits or braids, with several new up and coming looks. Every salon must have updated images to help youin:

  • Finding the perfect look
  • Having something that will work well at that job interview
  • Maybe help you get that big contract.

Tinted streaks are now being worn by the A-listers, so don’t be surprised to see those being offered.

More than a few females are being seen about town with a choppy cut for that somewhat rugged look; or how about layered and waved? Whatever your taste, a professional hair salon in Perthwill be more than able to provide you with that nouveau look you’re been searching for.

This year will see the arrival of new styles, and remember the eternally popular hair extensions, a lookwhich really revamps any woman’s look, as many a celebrity hasfound out.

Big Events

A lot of folk must attend that special wedding, funeral or anniversary party, and by having a great new hairstyle, you can make quite the impression at such occasions.

Beyond a doubt any brides and their bridesmaids will definitely wish for something which is exceptionally stunning for that very special day.

  • Whatever the event, everybody wants to look and feel their very best and what more of a better way to achieve it, than with a brand new hair style.

A top class and reputable hair salon can provide you with a full selection, from nails to hair styles and accessories and should be more than able to help anyone out in most of these hair styling mentioned below:

  • Brazilian blow wave
  • Full or half head highlights and tints
  • Cut and Blow dry with hot
  • Hair extensions
  • Afro-American/Asian hair
  • Perms
  • Colouring
  • oil treatment
  • Wash and blow dry
  • Cut and style
  • And more!

In beautiful Perth, there are many hairdressers which can cater to all of your requirements, so simply kick back, enjoy the experience, and let the new you evolve!