Adriana Lima diet and workout plan


Adriana Lima is one of those super models who are known for their beauty and talent. She has a spontaneous passion for combining beauty and brain in their all activities regardless it is the business campaigning of Maybelline or for walking on the ramp for a charitable mission. One of the Victoria’s Secret Agents, Lima is rated by Forbes as one of the super models who are more than 7.9 million in a year.

Recently this Brazilian beauty became mother for her second child and the most surprising fact is she came back in her awesome figure within one week of her delivery as if she was never pregnant. Being asked she confessed that all credit goes to her workout plan and diet schedule. Now this single comment can explain the frenzy of fitness freaks for knowing her diet and workout special that is the secret behind her mesmerizing beauty.

Adriana Lima’s Diet plan

  1. Adriana’s diet works a typical calorie-decreasing pattern. She never skips her breakfast but with different combination, she starts her day where nutrition and calorie are reciprocating each other. Her favorite combinations are raisins and the white portion of an egg, or museli with yogurt or milk with honey, etc.
  2. For lunch her favorite foods are fish/chicken/boiled vegetables,
  3. She takes fiber based fruits like cucumber and carrot, etc, and at time she takes some honey and/or chocolate to keep her energy level up,
  4. At dinner she takes only salad as the controlled portion keeps her fit and well-toned in the next day morning.
  5. However, her diet is a doctor recommended diet and she plans her diet after measuring her blood sugar and blood pressure.

Adriana Lima’s Workout plan

  1. Adriana practices HIIT where she has to practice some high intensity exercises with little breaks for low intensity exercises simultaneously. As per her words HIIT has helped her to shed off post pregnancy weight so fast. Jump rope is her most favorite HIIT exercise.
  2. Adriana also does practice other exercise whenever free like ‘capoeira’ that help her to stay fit and flexible.
  3. Apart from spinning and jogging, she loves to practice yoga also. She has expressed her complacency with Yoga that it keeps her flexible and helps her in concentrate her work out schedule.
  4. Adriana loves to practice boxing because she pampers her reflex and natural flexibility by fighting with the punch bag. It is included in her cardio vascular activity as well.
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