Achieve Your Family Goals with These Family Planning Approaches


In the recent past, technology has come up with state-of-the-art family planning techniques to help you achieve your family goals, financial and personal needs. McAllen gynecology specialists offer numerous family planning techniques to cater to your needs and complement your lifestyle.

What is family planning?

Family planning is a decision that a couple makes regarding the number of children they anticipate having and when they desire to have them. Birth spacing should be a crucial topic between parents as it enables the couple to create a financial plan that adequately accommodates their family’s needs. Birth control methods play a vital role when it comes to family planning. There are numerous birth control options that you can choose from depending on your lifestyle and requirements. In addition to preventing unplanned pregnancy, some hormonal birth control methods may also improve certain gynecologic disorders. Family planning enables you to avoid financial and emotional stress that may occur from unwanted pregnancy.

What are the different options for birth control?

There are two categories of birth control, including hormonal methods and barrier methods. Each approach has its unique advantages and side effects.

  •                     Hormonal birth control

Dr. Otero performs a comprehensive exam to determine a suitable hormonal birth control method that works well for your body with negligible side effects. Hormonal birth control prevents pregnancy by disrupting your hormonal balance hence interfering with your ovulation process. This type of birth control is effective in preventing pregnancy, but it does not shield you from sexually transmitted diseases. Some of the common hormonal birth control approaches are:

  •                     Implants
  •                     Intrauterine device
  •                     Birth control pills
  •                     Implants
  •                     Patches

Some hormonal birth control approaches may also stop or slow your menstruation which may be beneficial for some people. Different people respond to hormonal birth control in different ways, hence it is vital for you to discuss with Dr. Otero the appropriate method for you.

  •                     Barrier birth control

This approach prevents pregnancy by initiating a barrier that obstructs sperms from traveling to your uterus and fertilizing your egg. You can choose a suitable birth control method from the following barrier birth control approaches:

  •                     Cervical cap
  •                     Female condoms
  •                     Diaphragm
  •                     Male condoms
  •                     Birth control sponge

Using spermicide in conjunction with these approaches lowers the risk of having an unwanted pregnancy. In addition to preventing pregnancy, condoms can also protect you from contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Which types of birth control require minimal planning and fewer scheduled routines?

If you have a busy schedule, you may consider using long-term birth control methods. If you are also not ready to go through the hassle of conforming to a daily dosing routine, you can try out these methods. Some of the long-lasting birth control options include:

  •                   Depo-Provera, a birth control injection effective for three months
  •                   NuvaRing, a vaginal ring effective for three weeks
  •                   Nexpalon implant effective for three years

Family planning helps you to organize and set your family goals while ensuring that you maintain joy and contentment in your family. For more information about family planning, call Dr. Otero or make an online appointment today.

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