What You Didn’t Know About Dental Implants


Dental implants have been around for decades now, and it is not difficult to find articles about them on the internet. However, there are still some myths that need clearing up. For example, dental implants do not replace your teeth. They provide a foundation for new teeth to be placed in the jawbone. In Orlando, Florida, the dental implant experts you can seek help from when in need of the procedure. These implant dentists in Orlando, FL, have a way of examining your dental structure before the actual treatment. There are countless reasons why people would choose dental implants, including the ability to enjoy mealtimes.

What are Dental Implants?

They are artificial tooth roots that go into your jawbone. They have tiny screws that hold the replacement tooth in place. Dental implants are usually very good at preventing bone loss, unlike other solutions to replace teeth. Implants can be used to support one replacement tooth or a whole denture.

Considering how much time and money you probably spend on your teeth each year, dental implants are a significant investment. Depending on how perfect you’re in taking care of your mouth, they can last for years or even decades. The implants have such staying power because they fuse with your jawbone to form a tight bond. Implants can also help avoid bone loss since they support the remaining natural teeth located around them.

Can All Dentures Be Replaced With Implants or Bridges?

Not all dentures can be replaced with implants or bridges, only those that have experienced tooth loss due to injury, infection, tumor removal, etc. If you lost a couple of teeth as a teen from an injury or illness, you might be able to replace the lost teeth with an implant. Dental implants are used to support dentures that have not experienced any damage because they can prevent bone loss.

Are Dental Implants Right For You?

Not everyone is suitable for dental implants or any similar procedure for that matter. There is little point in trying to convince yourself otherwise, as this could cost you more money if you keep up with treatments, and they fail to result in further work required, such as extraction of the implant. Don’t try to convince them otherwise if your dentist does not feel like you would benefit from such treatment, which they will tell you.

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

The main benefit is that they look and feel like your natural teeth but are artificial. They can also last for years when you properly take care of them, unlike regular dentures, which only last a few years. You will need to visit your dental implant experts regularly to get checkups, cleanings, etc. There is no need to worry about maintaining your implants too much because it’s already done at the dentist’s office.

Dental implants are an excellent option as they make it easier to chew food and because they can last for many years. They offer an alternative to traditional dentures that may need replacing every few years or so. Speaking to a dental implant specialist makes you get an accurate picture of how the treatment is beneficial. They also do a proper evaluation of your dental structure before proceeding with the main procedure.

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