What Is Oral Immunotherapy? How Effective Is Oral Immunotherapy for Food Allergies?


Are you allergic to peanuts or eggs? There is nothing as pathetic as being allergic to your favorite food ingredients. Allergies to certain food ingredients definitely can make your lives harder and your diet incomplete. Things get even worse when you visit a restaurant to have food or go to a party. You really can’t enquire about the ingredient list of each dish on these instances. So, getting your food allergy treated and corrected will make your life much easier and blissful.

Dr. Aaron Davis in Gilbert can help you tackle your allergic reactions to certain food items with oral immunotherapy. Oral immunotherapy is the most effective treatment for individuals with severe allergic reactions to food items. This treatment allows you to enjoy your favorite food item without fearing allergic reactions. 

Let us see more about immunotherapy and its effectiveness.

What Is Oral Immunotherapy?

Oral immunotherapy is the procedure of desensitizing your food allergies. In Arizona, oral immunotherapy treatment for allergies has been prevalent from 2015 onwards. The process of oral immunotherapy is almost similar to that of allergy shots—both approaches concentrate on gradually increasing your allergy threshold.

In oral immunotherapy, you will be consuming allergens in very small quantities that will help in increasing your tolerance over some time. Therefore, this treatment method is very effective for individuals with severe allergy issues. After desensitizing and oral immunotherapy, you can even consume previously allergic food without any reactions. The effects of oral immunotherapy last from months to years.

Is Oral Immunotherapy Effective?

Oral immunotherapy is effective, especially for people with severe allergic conditions. It would make a life-saving procedure for people who have been fighting with allergic conditions for a very long time.  

The treatment of allergies with oral immunotherapy is found to be very effective for allergies to egg, peanut, and milk. According to studies conducted by the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology, desensitization is found effective in almost 80% of the patients who underwent oral immunotherapy treatment.

After the process of desensitization, food allergies will remain less risk for patients. The tolerance capacity you achieve from the desensitization procedure in oral immunotherapy will stay effective for a few months or even years. So, if you have been fighting with food allergies and couldn’t find relief even after trying several treatments, then most probably immunotherapy could be life-saving for you.

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