What does a pendant symbolize?


During purchasing necklaces or chains, the jeweller often offers different pendants. What are they? What do they mean? This article will provide the essential knowledge on the topic and will describe some meanings of pendants. Moreover, there will be provided information on the place where you may purchase the pendants as well as other pieces of jewellery, for example necklaces, earrings, rings and chains to get the best quality in the best price.

  1. What is a pendant?
  2. Different pendants and their meanings
  3. Where to purchase every type of jewellery?

What is a pendant?

In accordance to dictionary pendant is a piece of jewellery that hangs from a chain worn round the neck. It is a little piece of jewellery that is often worn with necklaces and chains. There are different types of pendants and their biggest aims are to underline person’s feelings, emotions, beliefs and love towards other person. Luckily, on the market there are hundreds types of pendants and when you finally want to make the decision it may be more complicated than you thought at the beginning. Nevertheless, it is worth to know what are the most common pendants. They are following: cross pendants, Jason mask pendants, palm pendants, broken heart pendants, own pendants, heart pendants and many more. The full list of pendants in reasonable prices you will find at pendants – The GLD Shop.

Different pendants and their meanings

As you have already known there are numerous types of pendants and making the final decision is not a piece of cake. However, you have to also know what are the meanings of those pendants. And when you will learn more about them, you can be sure that your decision will be right and you will not hurt somebody’s else feelings. There is a list of popular pendants:

Cross pendants – cross is a symbol of Christianity and faith in the God. It is strongly connected with Jesus crossed. It is frequently worn by true Catholics who are not afraid of showing their feelings and beliefs.

Jason mask pendant – among different pendants – The GLD Shop, you may also find Jason mask that symbolizes a hockey mask worn by Jason Voorhees, a fictional character from the Friday the thirteenth series. It is a popular pendant in today’s culture. It is believed that the Jason mask is worn by lunatic killers.

Palm tree pendants – a palm tree is a symbol of holidays and a leisure time. It is often worn by people who cannot afford going on holidays or who love spending time outdoors in exotic places.

Broken heart pendants – a broken heart is a symbol of lost love and pain in love. However, it may be also a sign for shy people – when they see somebody who wears broken heart pendant, they may be sure the person is single.

Cookies pendants – those pendants are perfect for every baker whose passion is baking different kinds cookies. It may be also a great gift for cookie enthusiasts.

Praying hands pendants – it is a popular motif among strict Catholics who love the emphasize their strong faith in God and Christianity.

Boxing gloves pendants – it is a great pendant for every professional boxer as well as an amateur one. The boxing gloves also symbolizes strong will that is very difficult to break.

Owl pendants – last but not the least important pendant in pendants – The GLD Shop is an owl pendant. The owl is a symbol of magic and mystery. It is strongly connected with night, the Moon and it is a symbol of famine and fertility because of the Moon’s cycles. It is also a symbol of wisdom and it is a perfect present for a good student.

Where to purchase every type of jewellery?

There are many places where you may purchase high quality pieces of jewellery. However, it is worth to know that your local jeweller’s shop will not have so many pendants, necklaces, chains, earring, rings like the reputable online jeweller’s. Moreover, purchasing jewellery online has numerous advantages. They are following:

– better price – due to not paying high rent, the owners of online store may keep their goods in every place where the rent is cheap. That is why, the prices of goods online are much cheaper than in your local jeweller’s.

– huge range of products – when you want to purchase necklaces, chains or pendants you may find the online store that offers only those goods. In this way, you may achieve the huge range of different products – even few hundreds in every category.

– life-time guarantee – the majority of online stores that sell high quality products offer life-time guarantee for their goods. It means that every item is valuable and if something wrong happens, you may count on guarantee from the online store.

– the possibility to place the order in the middle of the night – if you have time at 1am, you may place the order in the online store. There is no limitation when it comes to working hours.

Pendants are beautiful jewellery accessories worth to have and wear if you want to stand out of the crowd. It is also a good way to tell something more about yourself, your beliefs and points of view. However, in majority cases, it is worth to be aware of different meanings of pendants to not put foot in mouth.

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