Top 10 Korean Actresses


Unlike other nation movies, Korean movies also have their own specialty and becoming popular in other part of the world. Apart from the fact that Korean language is hard to understand as it is not similar to other nation languages, people prefer to watch it or else they go with its translated versions. We all know that Korean music is popular worldwide. There are certain things in there cinematography that people like in there movies. Korean Actor and actress are known for their talent.

There are more than 700 excellent Korean movies available on the internet that you must prefer to watch and all because of the excellent performance of their actor & actress. Here presenting list for Top 10 actress who have done remarkable job in various pictures and that is the reason behind their popularity.

Top 10 Korean actresses

  • Gianna jun

1981 born actress Jeon-ji-hyun is a model cum actresses. She is a South Korean actresses and popular for her performance in the Sassy Girl. After getting professional training of acting she started her career with modeling and TV Sitcoms. Later finally in the year 1999 she debuted her first movie.

  • Ha-Neul Kim:

In acting she is the best and also known for her beauty. She is a multi-talented actress. People believe that she is a born talented actress and that is the reason why people prefer to watch her pictures with complete enthusiasm and they are really good.

  • Do-Yeon Jeon

Before achieve this start status, Do-Yeon Jeon was taking care of television shows. There are many shows available in which we can her her talenet. The contact is her debuted film.

  • Doona Bae:

She started her career in acting with modeling. After modeling she moved towards television shows and then all of a sudden towards movies. Her very first movies was Ring Virus, Take Care of My Cate and Barking dog seldom bite both movies have made her popular not only in Korea but in other countries too.

  • Ji- Won Ha

Ji-won Ha is considered fresh face and also known for her talent. In the year 2000 she won the best new comer award. Her remarkable break movies are “sex is zero and True or Dare. Char-oak is her popular television show.

  • Ye-jin Son

She is considered one of the popular stars of Chungmoore. However she is a Korean star but her performance in movies has made her popular in all over the world.

  • Eun-Ju-Lee

She debut he career with the film some file and later done many films. Born in Gunsan which is a city of North Jeolla. She started her professional career in the year 1997. Her hit movie is Taegukgi hwinalrimyeo in mid 2004 and finally on Feb 22, 2005 she committed suicide.

  • Yu-won Lee

Yu won lee is a Korean actress and known for her charming looks. Her acting has something different and looks very pretty. She is good in every aspect. There are many movies available in which she had shown remarkable performance.

  • Soo Ae

Soo Ae is a Korean actress and quite popular for her excellent performances. She is good in every aspect. Her excellent performance can be seen in the movies like Midnight FM, Once in a Summer April kiss and love letter are some good movies of her.

  • So-Ri Moon

She is also a Korean actress and very popular for her talent in acting. Her performance has made her popular among many. People consider her born talented.

The above mention Korean actress is the top 10. There are good in every aspect. You must think to watch her movies.

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