Restore the Beauty of Your Legs with Sclerotherapy Treatment


Sclerotherapy is an effective treatment for enhancing the appearance of varicose and spider veins on legs. At Surgical Care East, PLLC in Camillus, New York, Dennis E Resetarits MD is a vascular surgeon specializing in minimally invasive sclerotherapy treatment using Asclera for optimal results. Together with his team, they are dedicated to ensuring you eliminate your unwanted varicose or spider veins, leaving you with smoother. flawless, and beautiful legs with minimal discomfort or fuss. To learn more about sclerotherapy treatment options, call or book an appointment online.

What is sclerotherapy?

This refers to a common treatment for unappealing spider and varicose veins. It encompasses injecting a liquid chemical known as a sclerosant into the varicose vein causing the vein to swell and collapse. This reroutes the flow of blood to other veins. The blood that flows in the cured vein takes an another course, and the vein goes away with time. The treated vein fades within a few weeks, which improves the look of your spider veins and varicose veins while also alleviating signs associated with these conditions, such as burning and swelling. Because many of the blood vessels interconnect, one injection might eradicate some dozens at one time. The team at Surgical Care East, PLLC, uses an advanced sclerosant known as Asclera that contains polidocanol.

Why is sclerotherapy the right choice for treating your unsightly veins?

Sclerotherapy is a great choice for curing varicose veins and spider veins as it is cost-effective, causes minimal discomfort, and works perfectly. Treated veins cannot recur after sclerotherapy. This means you will benefit from having better circulation and healthy legs in the long run following your treatment. In case spider veins and varicose veins form in the future, you can visit Dr. Resetarits for touch-up sessions.

What should you expect during a sclerotherapy session?

When you visit a medical provider for sclerotherapy, the session lasts between a quarter of an hour to one hour, depending on how many veins need to be treated. Your provider begins by cleaning the treatment area and then injects the solution into the vein with an ultra-fine needle. Although it might require several injections, depending on the veins’ number and size, the needles used for sclerotherapy are ultra-fine, ensuring minimal pain. You might feel slight spasms or itching when the needle is injected. The doctor will apply massage or compression on the treated area immediately after the needle is withdrawn.

How do you care for your legs following sclerotherapy?

After the sclerotherapy procedure, you can resume normal activities straight away. The team at Surgical Care East, PLLC, recommends you put on bandage or compression stockings for several weeks following the procedure to decrease swelling and aid healing. You should also avoid sun exposure after the treatment. Veins might require repeated treatment, usually done four to six weeks after the initial procedure, to achieve more optimal results.

In conclusion, sclerotherapy is an effective treatment for cosmetic vein problems. At Surgical Care East, PLLC, Dr. Resetarits offers convenient, quick, safe, and effective sclerotherapy procedures to treat your varicose veins and spider veins. To bid goodbye to those problem veins, call or schedule an appointment online today.

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