Mixed Reactions to Eva Marcille’s Dental Work


Celebrities live in the public eye and that can be a high pressure space. The pressure to be perfect is intense. The slightest flaw can come under the greatest scrutiny. Many people are often quick to pass the harshest, most vicious judgment. Appearance is everything when you’re living your life in the public eye. Celebrities often feel as if they have to conform to some standard of beauty. It’s no surprise then that the Atlanta Black Star discusses the controversy surrounding Eva Marcille’s dental work.

Marcille is a former star of the hit reality TV show, “Real Housewives of Atlanta”. According to the Atlanta Black Star, Marcille had dental work done. Ordinarily, this should not result in much commentary from anyone. This is especially so because getting cosmetic dental work done has become so common. Yet, when Marcille showed off her new teeth in three Instagram posts, the reaction was mixed. Indeed, a lot of it was indifferent to questioning.

Marcille, who won the third cycle of “America’s Next Top Model”, appears in the post with gleaming, beautiful white teeth. These were clearly brighter than her teeth had been before she got dental work done.

The post earned more than 75,000 likes. Some fans expressed the belief that Marcille’s teeth were perfectly fine before she got dental work done. Many even expressed concern that she felt she had to get dental work done. It’s hard to find many fans who believe she needed to get cosmetic dental work done. Her fans were unanimous in saying that she had beautiful teeth and a beautiful smile before her cosmetic dental work. Some fans seem to believe that her teeth were bigger than they were before and wondered why she felt she needed to increase her teeth’s size.

It seems as if Marcille got veneers and that this may affect how we perceive the size of her teeth. Veneers are often used for people with chipped teeth, gaps between teeth, and misshapen teeth. With advances in technology, veneers can look very natural. Veneers are thin covers that stick to the teeth and give them a better shape and look. There are a variety of veneer options, but it’s important to realize that having veneers is a legitimate solution to certain problems with the teeth.

At a time in which many celebrities feel so much pressure to conform to a standard, it’s worth pointing out the instances when people seem to say, be happy with what you have. Of course, there are many good reasons to get cosmetic dental work done. And ultimately, it’s nobody’s business what someone wants for their teeth. From cosmetic dental work to getting a dental implant, your dental health and wellbeing are in your hands.

Marcille did not explain why she needed cosmetic dental work done. What we do know is that the dental work was probably done around March 2020, when Marcille shared a video of herself going to a dental office.

In that post, she told her followers that she was about to go under. Her dentist was named as Dr. Khan and Dr. Austin.

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