Irina Shayk Workout Routine and Diet Plan


The no dieting concept girl who flourished in glamour industry since 2007 is Irina Shayk. She is Russian girl who loves to travel and therefore enjoys her job even as during her work she needs to go for endorsement and modelling in different fantastic location. She is always admired for her lovely face that add-on to her stunning attire that is noteworthy throughout the world. The famous football player “Cristiano Ronaldo” falls in love with this sexy girl within a moment and felt to get committed with her. She is the cover model of SI magazine and was even nominated for being the sexiest woman in the world. She believes that she is standing in this position because of the face gifted to her as a boon from her father genera.

What Irina Shayk secret Diet Plan?

Irina is the girl who does not believe in starving herself even after if she has to work hard in the gym and on the shooting portfolio. What is the secret behind Irina’s lustrous figure that measures 34-23-35? She say that it is the result of hard work out and does not believe in dieting concept that is generally followed by many of the other celebrity. She says that if one is happy from inside the truth and happiness is revealed on the face. The chart of healthy eating is set as per her choice. Ssssssshhhhhhhhh….. here is her diet secret!

  • She is the girl who goes for frequent shooting in the beach side so she likes to drink lots of water to put an halt to drying of skin.
  • As she does not like dieting so she likes to have ice creams and cakes.
  • Often, she takes rest for a day in enjoying junk food and lying on the bed while watching television.
  • But she do not prefer restaurant food so in case of better taste she visit nearby Russian local market to purchase cooking stuffs that she want to have at that particular time.
  • She has a lust for pelmeni- Russian dough. But, she makes sure that she never over fills her stomach with it.
  • But on next day she likes to have fruits and vegetables.
  • She can even opt for fibrous, milk, bean curd, veggie soups that form her regular diet.
  • She considers citrus juices to be the best source of vitamin C to cleaning and freshening of her beautiful skin.

How much serious Irina Shayk is for daily workout?

She always likes to have anything of her choice that appears to be tasty for her taste bud. But she always is conscious about her workouts that would help her to maintain her body. Here are the major factors that make her look stunning in the ramp.

  • Gym – She not only desire to be skinny but even toned up so she like to workout at gym. She says that she want her workout to match with her diet so she likes to sweat as much as possible while working out. Sweating prevents her from immediate craving for food. But, she avoids those workouts in the gym that would render her with muscular built up such as kettle ball, lunges, etc.
  • Jogging – According to Irina jogging is the best mode to warm up her body for other activities with the rising sun. She jogs everyday for at least 15 minute to tone up her sculptured body.
  • Cardio sessions – She follows this exercise on treadmill for at least one hour that is also accompanied with 30 minutes interval. This session is considered as the best method to burn fats. This session is further followed with cycling, running and boxing and slowly gets adapted as a routine to become the reason of flat tummy that turns other green with envy.


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