How to Deal With Skin Discoloration


You may notice some discoloration on your limbs when you suffer from vascular veins disease. The discoloration might lead to low esteem, and you would need to talk with an expert in skin discoloration in El Paso. The discoloration may show worsening symptoms and would be improved with appropriate therapy. Here are ways to deal with leg discoloration due to vascular disease.

Determine the Underlying Problem

You can deal with limb discoloration effectively when you determine the underlying problem. You would undertake an ultrasound exam on the leg and other related body parts like the pelvis. The ultrasound should be done by a trained vascular specialist, as you would also conduct a physical check. The physical check might be effective as the doctor would feel the pulse on the ankle and feet. They may examine if the limbs are swollen, and if they determine the swelling results from vascular vein disease, they will come up with an effective solution.

The doctor would develop the best routine for patients with skin discoloration, and they would advise on practices such as leg compression, exercise, and leg elevation. They would know the skin products that can improve leg discoloration.

Again, it is possible to receive minimally invasive procedures in the hospital to reduce leg discoloration. The surgery may be necessary to improve circulation in the limbs, and the procedures would be performed in a doctor’s clinic for outpatients. You would need minimal recovery time after the procedure.

Natural Home Remedies for Skin Discoloration

You can reverse skin changes that occur due to vascular disease, especially the red and brownish discoloration. First, you may need adequate exercise to improve blood circulation. Sitting for long may lead to blood pooling which leads to redness.

You would elevate your feet above the heart when resting, as it eliminates the gravitational strain on the veins. The blood in the legs would naturally flow into the back to the upper body and heart. Recliner sits perfectly as it puts the legs above the heart, and sometimes you may need to place your legs on a pillow when resting as it elevates the legs reducing the strain on the muscles.

Wear compression socks when walking for long distances or when engaging in exercises. The compression stockings prevent the blood from pooling on the legs, which could cause a permanent stain on the skin. Knee-length stockings are perfect as they tone the legs and aid the veins in reducing strain, thus improving blood circulation. However, if the stockings hurt, it might be better to avoid wearing them at night, and you may need to ask the doctor for more specifications.

Go for a better skincare routine that improves hydration, prevents drying, scaling, and itchiness. Thus you would choose coconut oil instead of water-based lotions. Again, sunscreens may prevent sun damage on the discolored limbs, thus preventing disease worsening.

Final Thoughts

The skin may discolor due to vascular veins disorder, but you may manage it effectively if you deal with the condition in the early stages. It would be best to go for an ultrasound examination, physical check, best routine, and minimally invasive procedure. Again, you could go for natural remedies such as exercise, feet elevation, massage, and use of compression stockings. Good luck dealing with vascular veins skin discoloration.

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