Everything To Know About School Physicals


Back-to-school physicals are a great way to make sure your child is safe. School physicals in Conroe can give you reports and updates about their growth, and you can talk to their doctors about concerns and ask them questions if you have any. You can ask them about the changes to expect in the upcoming year.

What are School Physicals?

School physicals are annual health checkups of children. It is an essential aspect of a child’s health. As kids grow up into teenagers, their bodies undergo various changes. It is essential to keep track of their height, weight, and other factors.

This checkup can help to understand if your child is going through healthy development. School physicals are also a great way to make sure that your child’s vaccinations are up-to-date.

What happens in a School Physical?

The doctor might ask you about your child’s and your family’s medical history during the checkup. Knowing genetic conditions helps the doctor identify any potential health risks in your child.

Further, the doctor will record your child’s weight, height, heart rate, and blood pressure. The doctor might examine organs, namely lungs, heart, abdomen, teeth, mouth, eyes, and nose. For an eye checkup, your child may have to go through various visionary tests.

What are sports physicals? Are they different from regular physicals?

Sports physicals are very similar to regular physicals. The only difference is that sports physical checkups ensure that the child is physically fit to participate in sports activities. In contrast, regular checkups are done to check a child’s overall health.

If your child is a sports lover, you must get them checked up before school starts. It is essential to know if your kid may face the consequences of playing a sport.

For example, some kids may be vulnerable to potential heart diseases. If they play sports, they can provoke this condition. Also, some kids may acquire breathing problems or asthma while playing. Therefore, it is essential to know which sport is right for them and which one is not.

In any case, it is unlikely that your child will fail an athletic test. The main aim of this test is to not prevent your child from participating in sports. It is to make sure that your child is safe while playing.

Do I have to provide medical history?

Medical history is crucial because it helps the doctor to recognize potential threats. Medical history usually includes the following.

  • Injuries in the past
  • Serious illnesses
  • Severe illnesses among family members
  • Current medications, if any
  • Surgeries

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