6 Awesome Benefits of Laser Hair Removal


Sometimes you may have hair in some parts that make you uncomfortable and aesthetically displeased. Fortunately, laser removal can take away your problem, giving you more permanent results and relieving you from the tiresome efforts of managing the unwanted hair. This is because laser hair removal specialists, such as Dr. Laura Riehm of Skin Deep Laser MD, send high concentrated light energy into hair follicles to eradicate them. This gives more permanent results that come with awesome benefits, as outlined below.

  1.     Cost-Effectiveness

Although laser hair removal procedure can be costly upfront, it can save you much money over your life. This is because once you have begun your laser hair removal journey, you will no longer have the ongoing expenses of other treatment options such as razor shaving, wax treatments, and depilatory creams. The results are more permanent, and therefore, you will also save yourself some valuable time you would have otherwise spent shaving or waxing.

  1.     Minimal Side Effects

Laser hair removal only causes few minor side effects, which are easily managed. Although you can feel some discomfort during the treatment procedure, you should not experience any pain. The devices used are also designed to make your procedure comfortable by regulating the amount of energy released to your skin and removing the hair with fewer treatments. The devices also have cooling functions for additional comfort. The discomfort you feel can be tolerated, and it only lasts for a short time after the procedure. You can also have some redness, which is temporary.

  1.     No Ingrown Hairs

If you have been using other treatment options such as waxing, epilating, or threading, you know that you have to put up with painful and hideous ingrown hairs. Besides, if you are using razor shaving, you can have to tolerate razor burns or irritation. With laser hair removal, you forget all these issues related to ingrown hairs and get to enjoy smooth, healthy looking skin.

  1.     Fast and Effective

A laser hair treatment procedure session can take less than ten minutes, depending on the treatment area. However, the number of sessions you need depends on several factors, such as your hair color and its density and thickness. Most people achieve their desired results after six sessions, but you can achieve desired hair loss after three to seven sessions. Therefore, the laser hair removal succession rate is very high.

  1.     A Precise Procedure

Laser hair removal procedure can be described as a precise procedure as it specifically targets your hair directly at the follicle, making it fit for all skin types. This option is also accurate, leaving the surrounding skin unaffected as it only targets your hair.

  1.     Large Areas Treated

Laser hair removal procedure has the largest spot size available today, meaning that even the expansive parts of your body with unwanted hair can be treated in no time. This is because, with each pulse, multiple follicles will be treated. Unlike other treatments, the procedure can also work for most parts with unwanted hair, including the back and chest, bikini area, face, arm, and legs.

You can learn more about how laser hair removal can benefit you by talking with your provider at Skin Deep Laser MD. Schedule an appointment and begin your journey of boosting your confidence and self-esteem by eliminating your unwanted hair.

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