If you have seen the super hit movie like Max Payne, Black Swan etc then I am pretty much sure that you also know Mila Kunis who is a well known celebrity in America. However she is originally from Ukraine. Mila was interested towards dancing and drama since her school days that actually help her to become a fine actress. Regarding her family background, her dad was working as mechanical engineer where as her mom was a teacher in a college. By the age of 7 year, Mila shifted to Los Angeles along with her family. And this was a door opener for her upcoming career. By the age 9 year, she decided to be a successful actress and her dad also support her and decided to enroll Mila in an acting class.

After that Mila started participating in school activity and later worked in few TV commercial ads. By the end of 1998 year, Kunis was cast as an actress for a TV series “that 70’s Show”. And from then she is continuously working in American TV soap. Mila debuted in her film career from the popular film called “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” which came in market by 2008 year.

Let’s check the latest biography of Mila Kunus below updated in 2016 year.

Interesting facts:

  1. She did a lesbian act in the movie “Black Swan” which was the most talked about matter in the year film was released.
  2. Mila is one of the few actress who don’t manage her account on facebook, twitter etc social sites.
  3. She has been nominated as the sexiest actress before popular celebrity like Angelina Jolie, Scarlet Johanssan etc.

Mila Kunis Body Statistics

Birthday Date: 14th august 1983

Age in 2016 Year: 32

Eye Color: Green and Blue

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Mila Kunis Real Height: 5 feet 5 inches /1.63 Meter

Mila Kunis Real Weight: 53 KG / 116 Pound

True Measurements: 32-25-34

Mila Kunis original Bra Size: 32C

Affair: Macaulay Culkin

Dish : Mila love all types of food however she love chicken most.

Tourist Place:

Movie: Dirty Dancing

Boyfriend: Actress Mila Kunis dated with few actor and boyfriend list includes Ashton Kutcher and Macaulay culkin

After that she worked in many of the films one of the best is “Black Swan” which gives her best young actress award in international film festival. She has been voted as one of the sexiest actress in Hollywood recently after the success of Black Swan.



Every woman gets drooled over the physique of this Bollywood personality, John Abraham. BTW the latest news about John Abraham’s girlfriend can be found here. Do you want to have a body just like him, huh? You will definitely increase the number of female fans and every single woman will try to woo you. But in order to get the body of this fitness freak you get to know about his diet plans and workout sessions. What is his workout routine like?

John perfectly knows how to use different exercise in a set so that he can get maximum benefit and that’s why he includes cardiovascular training (that help to improve the heart strength) along with weight exercise.

  • He also includes 2-3 hours of kickboxing.
  • Last but not the least, John make sure to give proper attention to each part of the body from bicep to legs and that’s why he include curls with legs lift. Apart from that he do crunches and pull ups for upper body strength.

He believes in three aspects for a healthy body i.e:

  1. Take enough sleep
  2. Have good healthy food
  3. And regular routine

Shortcuts are strictly forbidden John doesn’t believe in shortcuts and also never encourages it to others. He is of the opinion that only hard work and dedication can render you success and the fame that you desire regardless of the field you are in. He follows a strict and disciplined training regime and requests all his fans to do the same to stay fit and healthy. Do you know about his diet plan? Actor John Abraham is very serious regarding his diet and do take proper care. A high content of protein is found in his diet because these are extremely beneficial for the health and optimal fitness level. He strongly recommends having heavy breakfast because it keeps one energized the entire day. He is fond of drinking tea twice a cup every day. His lunch includes simple food like chapatti, vegetables, yellow pulses, fried vegetables. The dinner features soups, corn, vegetables etc. Small meals are includes pre and post workouts. He believes in following a healthy lifestyle and schedule. John understands his body quite well and knows how to maintain it. In order to get his body, try to follow his regime and diet plans.







This gorgeous celebrity Shamita Shetty worked in few movies however bit popular in Bollywood because of her sister i.e. Shilpa Shetty who is a top notch actress. Shamita is originally from Mangalore. As she can’t touch they Sky in Bollywood industry, Shamita is more successful as a model and a fashion designer.

Shamita debuted in her first film under the Yash Raj Banner which was a big hit i.e. “Mohabbatein”. But later on she did lots of sizzling item numbers but got success in the film “Zeher” which was her first solo hit. Shetty also worked for south Indian film industries.

Interesting facts:

  1. She was in a huge controversy when a photographer snapped her in very awkward wardrobe malfunction.
  2. She was also rumored to have a relation with actor Manoj Bajpayee.

Shamita Shetty Body Statistics

Birthday Date: 2nd Feb 1979

Age in 2017 Year: 38 Years

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Black

Shamita Shetty Real Height: 5 Feet 5 inches/ 1.65 Meter

Shamita Shetty Real Weight: 59 KG / 130 Pound

True Measurements: 34-24-37

Shamita Shetty original Bra Size: 34C

Affair: Shane Warne

Dish: Shamita love cheesy pasta and sweets.

Tourist Place: Movie: Cash, Agnipankh, Hey Babyy

Boyfriend: Shamita Shetty current boyfrien name is Harman Baweja

She also participated in the reality show which was aired on colors channel i.e. “Bigg Boss(Season 3)” but she left the show in between because of the marriage of her elder sister Shilpa Shetty. In Year 2011 Shamita declared that she is continuing her career in interior designing rather than film industry.



Popular WWE wrestler Aksana was born in Alytus which is located in Lithuania. She decided to do wrestling from her childhood because she was a very dull student during schooldays. Few people know that her original name is Zivilė Raudoniene. She is also a fitness model and body building trainer. She starts gymnastics and body building from the age of 16 years. When Aksana was only seventeen years, she won her very first silver medal in body building events that held under world’s championship. She started her wrestling career from FCW and won number of wrestling matches along with divas championship. After that Zivile got big entrance in WWE under Smackdown and won various titles.

Apart from this she is in romantic relation with Teddy Long and Antonio Cesaro between 2011 and 2012.

This popular Punjabi actress widley popular as Charu while her real name is Surveen Chawla. She is belong to Chandigarh city where her father was working as a business man. During her initial stage of her carer she worked mainly in Punjabi movies however Chawla also worked in Telugu and Hindi language as well. She enter her first step in movie industry from the film ‘Paramesha Panwala’. During 2009 to 2012 Surveen worked in total 4 movies. However the best career year for Surveen Chawla is 2013 year in which she worked in 10+ movies. Surveen recently participitated in the dance show “Ek khiladi ek haseena” with cricketer Sreesant. Apart from her film career surveen is also appeared in various commercial ads and covers of different magazines.


Unlike other nation movies, Korean movies also have their own specialty and becoming popular in other part of the world. Apart from the fact that Korean language is hard to understand as it is not similar to other nation languages, people prefer to watch it or else they go with its translated versions. We all know that Korean music is popular worldwide. There are certain things in there cinematography that people like in there movies. Korean Actor and actress are known for their talent.

There are more than 700 excellent Korean movies available on the internet that you must prefer to watch and all because of the excellent performance of their actor & actress. Here presenting list for Top 10 actress who have done remarkable job in various pictures and that is the reason behind their popularity.

Top 10 Korean actresses

  • Gianna jun

1981 born actress Jeon-ji-hyun is a model cum actresses. She is a South Korean actresses and popular for her performance in the Sassy Girl. After getting professional training of acting she started her career with modeling and TV Sitcoms. Later finally in the year 1999 she debuted her first movie.

  • Ha-Neul Kim:

In acting she is the best and also known for her beauty. She is a multi-talented actress. People believe that she is a born talented actress and that is the reason why people prefer to watch her pictures with complete enthusiasm and they are really good.

  • Do-Yeon Jeon

Before achieve this start status, Do-Yeon Jeon was taking care of television shows. There are many shows available in which we can her her talenet. The contact is her debuted film.

  • Doona Bae:

She started her career in acting with modeling. After modeling she moved towards television shows and then all of a sudden towards movies. Her very first movies was Ring Virus, Take Care of My Cate and Barking dog seldom bite both movies have made her popular not only in Korea but in other countries too.

  • Ji- Won Ha

Ji-won Ha is considered fresh face and also known for her talent. In the year 2000 she won the best new comer award. Her remarkable break movies are “sex is zero and True or Dare. Char-oak is her popular television show.

  • Ye-jin Son

She is considered one of the popular stars of Chungmoore. However she is a Korean star but her performance in movies has made her popular in all over the world.

  • Eun-Ju-Lee

She debut he career with the film some file and later done many films. Born in Gunsan which is a city of North Jeolla. She started her professional career in the year 1997. Her hit movie is Taegukgi hwinalrimyeo in mid 2004 and finally on Feb 22, 2005 she committed suicide.

  • Yu-won Lee

Yu won lee is a Korean actress and known for her charming looks. Her acting has something different and looks very pretty. She is good in every aspect. There are many movies available in which she had shown remarkable performance.

  • Soo Ae

Soo Ae is a Korean actress and quite popular for her excellent performances. She is good in every aspect. Her excellent performance can be seen in the movies like Midnight FM, Once in a Summer April kiss and love letter are some good movies of her.

  • So-Ri Moon

She is also a Korean actress and very popular for her talent in acting. Her performance has made her popular among many. People consider her born talented.

The above mention Korean actress is the top 10. There are good in every aspect. You must think to watch her movies.

This cute boy is a popular actor cum anchor, his name is Karan Wahi. He is originally from Punjab state. In his childhood Wahi wanted to be a cricketer and he also played cluster level cricket too but later on Karan made his acting debut from the popular TV show “Remix”. After that he worked for various television shows with different channels. Wahi also played role as an anchor in different shows; out of those one of the famous show is “Indian Idol”. Apart from his acting career Karan is also a good dancer and won number of awards in Dancing. He is presently looking for some break in movies but continuing his anchoring for TV shows simultaneously.

Karan Wahi Body Statistics

Birthday Date: 9th June 1986

Age in 2017 Year: 31

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Karan Wahi Real Height: 5 Feet 11 inch /1.81 Meter

Karan WahiReal Weight: 79 KG / 174 Pound

Affair: Priyanka Bassi

Dish: Rajma Chawal

Tourist Place:


Girlfriend: Current girlfriend of Karan Wahi is Priyanka Bassi.



This most beautiful and hot model is originally from China, she is Jin Mei Xi. She was determine to be a successful model and that’s why she did graduation from Beijing Film academy. Jin Mei Xin is filled with incredible talent and full of beauty. Her figure is measured as best figure for modeling in a brand of cars. She started her career as a car show girl. And just after couple of work, her demand increases for several car shows. Jin has amazing tattoos in her back, which was rarely seen. Have a look to tthe Jin Mei Xin wiki below:

Jin Mei Xin Body Statistics.

Birthday Date: 21st Aug 1989

Age in 2017 Year: 27

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color:Black

Jin Mei Xin Real Height: 5 Feet 9 inch / 1.76 Meter

Jin Mei Xin Real Weight: 50 KG / 110 Pound

True Measurements: 32-26-35

Jin Mei Xin original Bra Size: 32B

Affair: No

Dish: Fang Seafood

Tourist Place:





Entertainment Industry is growing rapidly and almost in every country people recognize the term by their produced movies or cinemas. In France, unlike all other countries a variety of movies get produced every year and people of all over the world prefer to see them and that is the main reason behind the popularity of actor and actresses of those movies.

There are many French actors and actresses available all round the world. Some of them have already done very remarkable job in their movies and that has made them popular among the world audiences. Here presenting list of some top 10 actresses who has done praiseable job in French movies and so people love to be a part of their movies.

Top 10 French Actresses of 2016

These ten French actresses are known for their certain qualities. They are so beautiful that you hardly prefer not to see their movies.

She belongs to France, taken birth in the year 1969 in a business family. At a very early age she started her career and featured in Jean-Luc Godard’s Detective. She has shown her impression in American and European movies too. One can view her work in Three colors: White.., Killing Zoe and in the three musketeers.

  • Audrey Tautou:

Born on 9th Aug 1976 in France. She started her career as a comedy actress. She got her acting lessons from ‘Cours Florent’. In the year 1998, Jeune Comedian de Cinema Festival was the place where she got her first award. Later she also achieved best actress award. Venus Beauty Institute is the one of her amazing film.

She had taken birth on 30th Sep 1975 in Paris. She is an academy award winner. Marion started her career at very tender age. Her mother and father were directly linked with this field and that makes her a perfect actress.

  • Melanie Laurent:

Melanie is very gorgeous by her looks. Her father was a ballet teacher and a voice recorder. She completely belongs to France. Her younger brother is also a very popular personality, his name is Mathieu.

  • Juliette Binoche:

She is a daughter of a sculptor and an actress. In very little age she won critic award and received reorganization not only in France but in other countries too.

  • Sophie Marceau:

It is unbelievable but very true that the father of the popular actress Sophie Marceau was a truck driver and she was not at all connected with this world. But she tried hard to learn the tactics from the famous director Claude Pinoteau. With a teenager based movie “the party” she started her career.

  • Alice Taglioni:

She started her professional career in the year 2001 and taken entry with comic role. In her previous life she was very shy. Her performance can be noticed in the movies like La bande du drugstore and in Quatre copains.

  • Emmanuelle Beart:

She was born in the year 1963 particularly on 14th August. Her father was a popular French singer and a known personality but still she spent her childhood with her mother, brother and sister in southern France just because her father doesn’t wanted to indulge them in this glamour world.

  • Eva Green:

Like her name she is very beautiful. She was born in Paris on July 5th 1980. Her father name is Walter green who was a Swedish dentist whereas her mother was a writer of children book. You can see this excellent beauty in so many French movies.

  • Isabelle Adjani:

She was born in Gennevilliers, which is a suburb of Paris. Her mother was a German. When she was just of 12years then only she had started initiated her career in this acting field.

All the above mention actresses are mind-blowing in their professional career and that is the biggest reason of their success.

Beautiful actress Carey Mulligan was born in London, England, where she lived only for 3 years, after that her family moved to Germany. But due to her father’s loss in business they returned back to England. Carey liked to act in drama from her school and wanted to build career in acting but her father disapproved of her acting ambition and forced her to attend a university. When Mulligan was of 17 years she applied to three Drama schools but did not able to take admission in any one of them. In year 2004 Mulligan started her acting career on stage from Roy al Court Theatre in London. However Carey started her film debut from the movie “Price & Prejudice” in year 2005.Mulligan also voted as a best actress by “Doctor who” Magazine readers for Blink. Check out Carey Mulligan recently updated biography with her current height and weight, measurements etc below.

Carey Mulligan Body Statistics

Birthday Date: 28th may 1985

Age in 2017 Year: 32

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Carey Mulligan Real Height: 5 Feet 7 inches / 1.70 Meter

Carey Mulligan Real Weight: 53 KG / 116 Pound

True Measurements: 34-26-34

Carey Mulligan original Bra Size: 34 B

Affair: Marcus Mumford


Tourist Place:


Boyfriend: The current boyfriend of Carey Mulligan is Marcus Mumford